Monday, May 29, 2017

Juvia's Place 9-Piece Turquoise Brush Set - My Review & Experience

As of late, my desire to expand my makeup brush collection has fueled my curiousity of other brands. So when the Insta-famous Juvia's Place came out with a couple of very beautiful brush sets, I rushed over to their website to check them out.

I chose the turquoise brush set because it was the larger of the two, offered a wider variety of brushes, and I liked the overall look of the collection. As this is my very first purchase from the brand, I was not sure what to expect. If I had to mention a positive and a negative, I would say that the shipping was extremely fast, but they just threw the brushes loosely in the box with no extra packaging or even a packing slip. That didn't bother me too much, though, as what really matters is the quality and performance of the brushes.

Without further ado, let's get a closer look at the brushes and what they can do...
Juvia's Place Professional Tapered Brush
Professional Tapered Brush - A large fluffy brush that comes to a very precise point. Perfect for bronzing, contouring, and applying/removing all-over face powder.

Juvia's Place Tapered Powder Brush
Tapered Powder Brush - A smaller version of the previous brush. I really like using this to highlight my cheekbones, but it would also be useful for baking.

Juvia's Place Blending Contour Eye Brush
Blending Contour Eye Brush - A standard fluffy blending brush. Great for laying down transition and crease shades.

Juvia's Place Angled Brow Brush
Angled Brow Brush - As the name suggests, it is an angled brush. However, due to it's width, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to do winged eyeliner, but I do really like it to do my brows with.

Juvia's Place Brow Concealer Brush
Brow Concealer Brush - A small, flat synthetic brush. Best used to carve out the brows, apply a lid shade, or to spot conceal.

Juvia's Place Pencil Brush
Pencil Brush - A large dome brush that tapers to a point. This brush is great for precisely applying a defining crease shade as well as blending out the previous crease shade due to its unique shape. It is also good for applying shadow to the inner corner.

Juvia's Place Definer Brush
Definer Brush - A short, dense shadow brush. I absolutely love brushes like these and believe everyone should have a few in their arsenal. This one from Juvia's Place is not as stiff as other ones that I own, but it can still get the job done for all the same purposes. It can be used for precise shadow placement (specifically if you're going for the halo eye look), for carving out the brows, and for smudging products on the lower lash line.

Juvia's Place Tapered Blending Brush
Tapered Blending Brush - A slightly longer and more pointy version of the pencil brush. Allows for more precise application compared to a normal blending brush, while still diffusing out the color.

Juvia's Place Mini Blending Brush
Mini Blending Brush - A thin, low-density blending brush. I have only recently began getting into these types of brushes. They are amazing for more intricate detail work, such as diffusing a cut crease or contouring the nose.

So that is the entire turquoise brush set from Juvia's Place. I wanted to give them a fair shot before I reviewed them, so I've been testing them out over the past couple of weeks. I do find myself reaching for them over some of my other brushes due to their softness and how easy they make my makeup application, which attests to their quality. The only real downside is that Juvia's Place does not offer the brushes individually, so if you want to try out specific brushes or stock up on just your favorites, that is not possible at the moment.

This brush set retails for $50, which breaks down to roughly $5.56 per brush.  However, if you use any of the numerous discount codes floating around social media, you will only pay $45 for the brush set, which brings the cost down to $5 per brush. Either way you're getting a massive deal.


Friday, May 19, 2017

Inglot Eyeshadow 101: My Customized 40-Pan Palette

It has been quite a while, fellow beauty addicts, but I'll spare you the details. Let's just say that I needed a break, so that when I was ready, I could enjoy beauty blogging again. And what a perfect way to get back into it than to discuss me finally completing my Inglot Freedom Palette after so many years. For those of you that don't know and have been living under a rock, Inglot is famous for their Freedom System of customizable magnetic palettes that are not only extremely sturdy, but also allow you to come up with an endless combination of their products uniquely catered to you. From eyeshadows to concealers and even lipsticks, the possibilities are so numerous that it actually makes your decision that much more daunting and cutthroat.

Inglot Freedom System 40-Pan Eyeshadow Palette

While the magnetic palettes themselves are quite expensive (the 40-pan palette is $39, not including eyshadows), I personally feel like they are an investment worth making because the packaging is so durable and strong that you know your eyeshadows are safe. I also just think it looks really cool once it is fully completed. As for the eyeshadows themselves, they will run you $7 a pop for 2.3 to 3.5 grams of product depending on the color. In a market where purchasing individual eyeshadows can cost you a pretty penny, this makeup artist driven brand remains very cost effective.

When putting together my palette, I aimed to choose colors that excited me and got my creative juices flowing. There is nothing worse than having a beautiful palette and not knowing what to do with it. I knew I wanted staple neutrals with a variety of transition shades and pops of colors that I could feasibly get some use out of. So that's how I ended with the beauty you see above and I can't lie I probably stared at this palette for three days straight after I finally finished it. It's actually pretty sad how happy makeup makes me.

So without further ado, here are the swatches of my first ever 40-pan Inglot palette as well as the shade names and their respective finishes. Asterisks will be placed to the right of my favorite and most highly recommended colors.

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Swatches

Row 1: 373 (Matte), 313 (Matte), 26 (AMC Shine), 7 (AMC Shine), 154 (AMC Shine), 43 (AMC Shine), 397 (Pearl), 341 (Matte)*
Row 2: 337 (Matte), 344 (Matte), 347 (Matte), 48 (AMC Shine)*, 440 (Pearl), 334 (Matte), 71 (AMC), 615 (DS)*
Row 3: 446 (Pearl), 325 (Matte), 377 (Matte), 388 (Matte), 297 (Matte)*, 368 (Matte)*, 616 (DS)*, 608 (DS)
Row 4: 464 (DS), 299 (Matte)*, 303 (Matte), 55 (AMC), 301 (Matte)*, 298 (Matte), 302 (Matte)*, 326 (Matte)
Row 5: 329 (Matte), 151 (AMC Shine)*, 33 (AMC Shine), 338 (Matte), 420 (Pearl), 376 (Matte), 378 (Matte)*, 340 (Matte)

For those of you eyeshadow enthusiasts like myself that are interested in expanding your collection with a few things from Inglot's range, you may be a little confused on where to start. Inglot groups their eyeshadows into five different classifications, but, to be honest, with the exception of their matte and pearl finishes, it can be really hard to tell what finish an eyeshadow falls under as each classification tends to have some formula variations throughout. For instance, most AMC Shine eyeshadows tend to have a subtle frosty finish. However, you will find exceptions, such as eyeshadow 151, which is ultra metallic. Possibly an even better example of Inglot's confusing classification system is the fact that both their AMC and DS formulas swatch exactly the same. The only difference could potentially be found in their benefits and longevity, but even those factors are subjective. To be frank, if you are able to view and swatch these eyeshadows in person at a counter or freestanding store, I would highly recommend taking that opportunity.

However, for the sake of generally explaining each of Inglot's five classifications, here is a brief breakdown:
Matte (pretty self-explanatory)
Pearl aka their version of a satin finish
DS or Double Sparkle are matte-based eyeshadows with glitter particles throughout
AMC or "Advanced Makeup Component" is Inglot's specialty formula that is perspiration-resistant, talc-free, and contains vitamin E. Also appears to be a matte-based formula with glitters throughout
AMC Shine contains the frost and metallic eyeshadows of Inglot's collection

So there you have it, beauty addicts, everything I could possibly tell you concerning Inglot's Freedom System eyeshadows and my experience with them. Do you guys own any Inglot eyeshadows? If so, which ones are your favorites? I'd love to hear your suggestions as I plan on eventually creating a second 40-pan palette.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Lip Color Review, Swatches, & Demo

Over the past two or three years, liquid lipsticks have completely flooded the beauty market. With such a wide variety available, we have come to see amazing, innovative formulas and finishes. Yet, with all of these new products, I think we forget that brands like Maybelline and L'Oreal have been on the liquid lipstick bandwagon long before it became such a craze. In fact, I remember strolling the makeup aisle in college and seeing these very lipsticks, but never being drawn to them. Whether it was because of the packaging, the shade range, or the fact that I was a complete newbie at makeup, I'm glad Maybelline and Influenster have opened my eyes to even more liquid lipstick options. 

What are the Maybelline Super Stay 24 Lip Colors?
The Maybelline Super Stay 24 Lip Colors are a line of two-step liquid lipsticks. To the best of my knowledge, these have been around for quite some time (five or six years), so they are not a new product in the beauty community. The product consists of a liquid lipstick on one end and a shiny lip balm on the other. The range for this is actually quite large consisting of 31 shades, all of which are very wearable versions of pinks, corals, reds, and plums. They are available at any drugstore where Maybelline is sold for about $10.49.

What are the claims made on this product?
Here are a few statements made about the Super Stay 24 Lip Colors found on the product page of Maybelline's website:
"This long-lasting lip color won’t cake, dry, or flake thanks to our unique Micro-Flex technology.""Meet the wonder that stretches the limits of long-lasting lip color. Our formula with Micro-Flex technology looks and feels fresh through 24 hours of wear. Available in a collection of shades.""No other longwearing lipstick lasts longer. Period. Our Micro-Flex formula glides on and looks gorgeous all day."

How do they apply/wear?
I was very suprised at how good the applicator of this product is. It has a nice length to it, bends to the contours of your lips, and isn't an overly stiff material either. Even though the price tag of this product is up there, sometimes drugstore brands cut corners on packaging and it is nice to know that Maybelline did not do that in this instance. 
So, to be clear, when it comes to the applicator, I love how the product applied, however, the two shades I was sent applied very differently. This more likely than not has to do with the fact that they are different finishes. "Keep Up The Flame" is a creme finish, which applied opaquely in one sweep, while "Constant Toast", as a frost finish, required two layers to get the full effect. That being said, I wouldn't recommend applying more than one layer because the formula automatically cracks and flakes off.Once both "dried down" on my lips, however, they felt exactly the same, which is to say that neither of them fully dried down. Instead, they remained quite sticky and tacky to the touch, so if you're the type to smack your lips together this will definitely be an issue. I have found that blotting your lips on a tissue did help the situation though. I also want to note that if you plan on using the liquid lipstick portion on its own to achieve a more matte look, it is not very comfortable when worn that way. I definitely always felt the product sitting on my lips and it felt pretty drying.This feeling was much improved once the shiny balm was applied over top. Instantly the liquid lipsticks became much more flattering and wearable, but I do feel that this balm decreases this supposed 24 hour wear claim because it increases the chances of smudging or transfer if you eat or drink. This is just something to keep in mind.

What are my overall thoughts on this product line?
While there are quite a few pros and cons that I have found when testing out this product, I do have to admit that I am very pleasantly surprised at the overall quality, specifically of the creme finish. I would not recommend the frostier finishes from this line as they apply streaky and are harder to work with. Overall, I think given the current trends, we have become so accustomed to companies having those ultra matte liquid lipsticks that we are less accepting of liquid lipsticks with other finishes. However, I do think this will be a great alternative for those of you who want to experiment with the trend, but don't like the overly matte feeling.


*The products in this post were sent to me for review, but all opinions are my own.