Monday, May 29, 2017

Juvia's Place 9-Piece Turquoise Brush Set - My Review & Experience

As of late, my desire to expand my makeup brush collection has fueled my curiousity of other brands. So when the Insta-famous Juvia's Place came out with a couple of very beautiful brush sets, I rushed over to their website to check them out.

I chose the turquoise brush set because it was the larger of the two, offered a wider variety of brushes, and I liked the overall look of the collection. As this is my very first purchase from the brand, I was not sure what to expect. If I had to mention a positive and a negative, I would say that the shipping was extremely fast, but they just threw the brushes loosely in the box with no extra packaging or even a packing slip. That didn't bother me too much, though, as what really matters is the quality and performance of the brushes.

Without further ado, let's get a closer look at the brushes and what they can do...
Juvia's Place Professional Tapered Brush
Professional Tapered Brush - A large fluffy brush that comes to a very precise point. Perfect for bronzing, contouring, and applying/removing all-over face powder.

Juvia's Place Tapered Powder Brush
Tapered Powder Brush - A smaller version of the previous brush. I really like using this to highlight my cheekbones, but it would also be useful for baking.

Juvia's Place Blending Contour Eye Brush
Blending Contour Eye Brush - A standard fluffy blending brush. Great for laying down transition and crease shades.

Juvia's Place Angled Brow Brush
Angled Brow Brush - As the name suggests, it is an angled brush. However, due to it's width, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to do winged eyeliner, but I do really like it to do my brows with.

Juvia's Place Brow Concealer Brush
Brow Concealer Brush - A small, flat synthetic brush. Best used to carve out the brows, apply a lid shade, or to spot conceal.

Juvia's Place Pencil Brush
Pencil Brush - A large dome brush that tapers to a point. This brush is great for precisely applying a defining crease shade as well as blending out the previous crease shade due to its unique shape. It is also good for applying shadow to the inner corner.

Juvia's Place Definer Brush
Definer Brush - A short, dense shadow brush. I absolutely love brushes like these and believe everyone should have a few in their arsenal. This one from Juvia's Place is not as stiff as other ones that I own, but it can still get the job done for all the same purposes. It can be used for precise shadow placement (specifically if you're going for the halo eye look), for carving out the brows, and for smudging products on the lower lash line.

Juvia's Place Tapered Blending Brush
Tapered Blending Brush - A slightly longer and more pointy version of the pencil brush. Allows for more precise application compared to a normal blending brush, while still diffusing out the color.

Juvia's Place Mini Blending Brush
Mini Blending Brush - A thin, low-density blending brush. I have only recently began getting into these types of brushes. They are amazing for more intricate detail work, such as diffusing a cut crease or contouring the nose.

So that is the entire turquoise brush set from Juvia's Place. I wanted to give them a fair shot before I reviewed them, so I've been testing them out over the past couple of weeks. I do find myself reaching for them over some of my other brushes due to their softness and how easy they make my makeup application, which attests to their quality. The only real downside is that Juvia's Place does not offer the brushes individually, so if you want to try out specific brushes or stock up on just your favorites, that is not possible at the moment.

This brush set retails for $50, which breaks down to roughly $5.56 per brush.  However, if you use any of the numerous discount codes floating around social media, you will only pay $45 for the brush set, which brings the cost down to $5 per brush. Either way you're getting a massive deal.


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